Friday, September 18, 2009

"Our Bedroom with Blue Paint"

One thing that bothers my mom as much as her weight is things that don't match, clothes, rooms, anything. My parent's bedroom currently has green wallpaper, blue/gray rug, and pink curtains. My dad is thinking of getting rid of their wallpaper through out the house and painting the walls. My dad wants to do the den first, my mom wants him to do the bedroom, because as she says, "atleast the den matches."

For this day's entry, she asked me to paint a picture of her room with her blue walls, instead of green wallpaper. I may try this as an acrylic as well, to really get the colors.

My parents have old spanish style furniture. One thing I thought was funny, was that I remember all the details about their room from my dusting chores on Saturday mornings.

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Sheila Vaughan said...

That was a kind thing to do Kim and I know what you mean about childhood memories. My mum is away at the moment visiting her brother in Canada (I am in UK) and I am keeping an eye on her house. It is so strange to go in there without her being around. It takes me back to my childhood too. I love this little painting by the way.