Friday, March 6, 2009

White Tea, a Cup, a Saucer, a Spoon, a Napkin, and Five Minutes of Peace

One of my previous illustrations, "China Cup and Saucer with White Tea," was chosen for the cover of a book of recipes for Babington's English Tea Rooms, in Rome, Italy. The compliment of their choosing my illustration, has inspired another illustration of white tea, so I now have a white tea series started.

I'm loving pastel colors lately, like the ones you see on old VW bugs. And I am also focused when painting on objects that share the same color with the background they are in front of. It makes for new forms and shapes, interesting beginnings and endings to form. It's not as clear in this illustration because I use ink for outlines.

Both of my white tea illustrations were created from my minds eye, inspired by a story my friend Margie, in NYC told me, of sitting down to a lovely cup of white tea. Luckily, she tells a great story with many beautiful visual details. The busier I get the more important it is to take time for myself, drinking delicious tea is a great way to start. My tea is often found untouched and cold, but I get credit for making it, right? As Bob says, "Baby steps."

In other news, a fun new London gallery, Art Under a Monkey, has asked to represent my art. I'm completely thrilled and love their name. It's as silly as I am. The website should be finished in May.

I'm Italian and English, so it's fun to be connected to my roots in these two ways on one post.

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kristin said...

That's fantastic!!! Congratulations on both things! hip hip hooray!