Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1995 Me with my Head Shaved

My senior year at Parsons I shaved my head in reaction to being dumped by someone who loved my long hair (curious behavior, I know). I didn't shave my head in NYC where I was living. I went "home" to RI and had my Dad's barber, Mario, do it.

It physically pained Mario to shave my head and he gave me every chance to change my mind. Slowly, he cut my long hair shorter and shorter, asking at every stage if "maybe this was enough." I finally insisted he get out the clippers and do the thing.

Much to my surprise my mom and nonnie liked me with a shaved head, they said it reminded them of when I was a baby. The lesson: when you do something in anger, you look like a baby. The most enjoyable thing about having no hair was looking the same when going to bed, waking up, and after showering.


Sheila Vaughan said...

This is a strong painting Kim. I really like it.

Kim Edge said...

Thank you, Sheila!

ozzy said...

i have that picture in one of my albums - i too loved the shaved head, plus it went better with your frame of mind at that time.

Kim Edge said...

You took that photo. We had matching shaved heads then.