Monday, February 8, 2010

Chicago, LA, Scotland, South Africa, and Heaven

Someone contacted me through Daily Painters Gallery and asked me to do a personal "Visiting family at Christmas Time" illustration. I posted the original illustration in December based loosely on me and my family. I really enjoyed the process of learning where she and her family reside. Any mini geography lesson gets me longing to travel.


Lisa Daria said...

I like this series of illustrations very much - the abstract quality/design aspect/lots of white space all very appealing.

Kim Edge said...

Thank you, Lisa. I appreciate the encouragement.

Heather said...

Hi Kim - I've just been unpacking the piece you made for me! We're back in Scotland now - missing Chicago like crazy! And looking at that little dot of heaven (an dad being represented there)... since coming back here my mum has joined the dot ... she passed away just recently ... it's sad - but I guess in some ways happy ... coz the little 'heaven' dot is not all on its own ... I'm not sure I'll touch the painting ... but now I know there's 2! Loving your work :o) Take care, Heather

Kim Edge said...

Hi Heather,

Thanks for keeping in touch, so sorry to hear about your mom's passing, it is nice that they are together now, your mom and dad.

I hope Scotland is as beautiful as I imagine.

Best to you,