Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Austin's New Skyline, Frost Bank, 360 Condo, and Seaholm Power Plant II

Here is the second of my paintings from my two hours of free time on Sunday. I noticed as I was leaving at 3:30 that the light was just getting dramatic enough to help me make heads and tales of the skyline.

My daughter has been sick on and off since October 7th and I've just gotten my fever and flu symptoms today. I can only pray this means we will have some sickness out the way this winter.


jacqui boyd said...

Hope its not the flu but a cold can be as bad. My youngest daughter came down with a cold at the beginning of October and now it Bronchitis :(. Unfortunately, she is studying in Denton so too far for me to give her tea and sympathy.
Love you plein air paintings, they are in tune with your drawings but so different.

Kim Edge said...

My friend Lisa, finally convinced me to go to the doctor after 2.5 weeks of coughing. And guess what it was bronchitis. Glad I went, I'd encourage all with symptoms for more than 7 days to get to the doctor and get their lungs checked!